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Removing beehive from a chimney

Removing tons of beehive behind fireplace walls. If you don’t have a chimney cap on your chimney, one of the possible results is that you can end up with a beehive in your chimney. You will then need to get an exterminator to kill the hive (or a specialist to remove it) and then have […]

1985 Chimney with significant gaps, voids and cracks

We are finding a significant percentage of chimneys from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, including this one from 1985 have cracks and voids in the chimney flue which can cause a house fire. Recently, Rachel Ray’s home burnt down for this reason, even though she was getting her chimneys swept. If you have not […]

Chimney Sweep Scam Alert

On February 8, 2024 I spoke to a new customer who had a harrowing experience.  She lives in an upscale neighborhood in Southern Orange County.  She saw an ad on her neighborhood social media page that advertised 30% of chimney sweeps and the company name was Lucky Sully Chimney Sweep.  We are the only licensed […]

Bees in Chimney

We get calls frequently for bees in chimney. All to often home owners have them exterminated, rather than finding a real beekeeper. Once you have bees relocated, we have solutions to help keep bees from returning, specifically, if you have a masonry chimney. It’s called a top mounted chimney damper. Works great.

Multi-flue Chimney Caps

In situations where 2 flues occupy one chimney, we like to install multi-flue chimney caps. I think they look tidier that having 2 caps jammed together often at slightly different heights. This one is black galvanized, but we can get them in copper or stainless steel which are recommended for homes within 5 miles of […]

Chimney repair vs rebuild

This is repair we did 4 years ago. We didn’t rebuild the chimney, but patched it. If you look closely, we colored the patch in bricks to make repair nearly unnoticeable. This is a relatively inexpensive repair, much less than rebuild. With regular maintenance this chimney could last quite a while, but without maintenance, water […]

Beware of Chimney Scams

*Consumer Warning* We have had a large number of customers tell us about companies advertising very low prices for chimney sweeps who then come out and tell the customer the price is really $500-$700 for a chimney sweep (way beyond the usual range).  Customers who agreed to the bait and switch then had these companies […]

Cracks Inside Chimneys that are Hazardous

This is a video of a home in San Juan Capistrano that is approximately 40 years old.  All 3 chimneys had severe cracks and gaps in the chimney flue.  This is a severe fire hazard if the fireplaces are used to burn wood or gas fires.  If you are purchasing a home that was built […]