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Getting your chimney ready for Fall

As the temperatures outside go down, it’s time to flip the switch up as we prepare to heat the inside of the home for the autumn months. Chimney fires are the number one cause of fires in homes. Experts have a checklist several pages deep to regularly check and maintain your chimney, regardless of whether […]

Chimneys are a Major Source of House Fires

It was reported recently that fireplaces or chimneys cause about 25,000 house fires per year in the U.S. The damage is mostly due to flames migrating upward to crack, warp or melt the masonry or metal chimney walls. How can you prevent chimney fires? 1. Minimize creosote (soot) build up by getting chimneys swept regularly. […]

Rebuild of Chimney and Crown

Chimney was cracking due to moisture penetration of bricks. Got the rebar wet, rusting began and iron when rusts, expands and breaks bricks and concrete. Removed broken, loose bricks, cut out rusted rebar, and rebuilt the chimney and crown, aka mortar cap.

1983 Home of a prefabricated rusted chimney

This prefabricated chimney had refractory panels which had large cracks but on examining chimney flue, it was discovered that it was very rusted and hazardous to use. Anyone with an older chimney and fireplace of this type should take pictures up the flue to check if there are issues of this type with their chimney.  […]