Removing beehive from a chimney

Removing tons of beehive behind fireplace walls.

If you don’t have a chimney cap on your chimney, one of the possible results is that you can end up with a beehive in your chimney.

You will then need to get an exterminator to kill the hive (or a specialist to remove it) and then have it cleaned. The price of these services is several times the cost of a cap/spark arrestor.

Multi-flue Chimney Caps

In situations where 2 flues occupy one chimney, we like to install multi-flue chimney caps. I think they look tidier that having 2 caps jammed together often at slightly different heights. This one is black galvanized, but we can get them in copper or stainless steel which are recommended for homes within 5 miles of ocean.

Chimney cap that covers 2 chimney flues

Chimney Cap Patina

In the 1980’s builders almost completely quit building chimneys out of brick and mortar and converted to prefabricated metal chimneys.  The tops of chimneys now being metal are subject to deterioration, especially near beach, where salt air chews them up.

We get calls to replace them and copper is the most durable under beach conditions. Here is one we installed in summer of 2023 and now you can see the patina that has developed.

Patina on the chimney cap from less than year ago

Replaced leaking chase cover

Old leaking chase cover and cap, due to rust. Replaced the leaking chase cover with a new one.

replaced leaking chase cover

Beach home chase covers & shrouds installed

New chimney chase covers and shrouds are Stainless Steel and colored aluminum. These will hold up near beach cities better than galvanized.

chimney caps

Chimney Cap Repair

Here is a recent chimney cap repair we did. See the below before and after pictures.

Repair of chimney cap

Rebuild chimney crown and custom cap

We recently did a rebuild of a chimney crown and installed a custom chimney cap.

See our before and after pictures below.

Chimney crown repair

Chimney Cap Replacement

Here is a before and after of a Chimney Cap we replaced in Southern California.



Chimney Cap Replacement After


Beach Property Rusted Chimney Caps

Replacement of rusted chimney caps at a Long Beach property. Sea air is very hard on metal chimney tops and parts. See our Before and after photos below.

long beach rusted chimney caps

Damaged Chimney Shrouds

Chimney shrouds can get damaged or often times tend to rust if near the beach. Here is a damaged chimney shroud we replaced.

damaged chimney shroud replaced