Chimney Caps Installed

Here is a chimney caps install we recently did. See the below before and after photos.


Custom Chimney Cap Installation

Here is a recent chimney cap Lucky Sully Chimney Sweep custom made and installed.

Custom chimney cap

New Chimney Cap in Orange County

Here is a chimney cap job we did recently. You can see the before, during the work and after photos below.

Before, during and after chimney cap replacement

Birds Nesting in Chimneys

Do you have a problem with birds nesting in your chimney?

We can help you with that. Below is photos of birds nesting in a chimney that we covered the top of the chimney so they could not nest in there anymore. This is a safety hazard to have anything in your chimney and should be removed.

Give us a call to have your fireplace done or inspected today!

birds nesting in a chimney

Custom Chimney Cap Install

We recently designed and installed a custom chimney cap here in Southern California. Below is the beautiful chimney cap and a drone view of the cap.

custom chimney cap install drone view of custom chimney cap

Chimney Cap Repair

Here is a Chimney cap we repaired. Below pictures are before & after. This is very common in Souther California. Inspect your chimney top and if you need it repaired or replaced, call us.

chimney cap repair before

Before repair

chimney cap repair after

After repair

Copper Chimney Caps 3 Years Later

We installed these beautiful Copper Chimney Caps in a beach city in Southern California. As you can see, after 3 years of patination, they are still weathering amazingly.

Chimney Repair

Chimney repair before, during, and after.

chimney-repair-during chimney-repair-before chimney-repair-after

Chimney Cap Installation

Here are two chimney caps we recently installed!

chimney-cap-done chimney-cap-replaced

Rusted Chimney Caps at Beach

Chimney caps near the beach tend to rust out very fast due to the moist salt air that is prevalent there in the evenings. These types of caps are on most houses built since the early 1980’s..  They are called zero-clearance or factory built chimneys or laughingly called temporary fireplaces, because they tend to rust out after a few years, and are not as durable as masonry chimneys.  The rusting you can see in the pictures poses quite a problem for homeowners.  If and when it ever rains, the holes in the chimney caps caused by rusting will now come down inside the chimney and often will get the walls above and around the fireplace wet.  I get calls, regularly, where people hear water dripping on metal.  That is a sure sign of something wrong.  Notice in the second picture that the neighbor’s chimney cap is severely rusted.  These caps are custom caps and can be manufactured in different materials.  Copper will last the longest and will product that lovely patination.  Also, available are stainless steel and a paint grade “galvanized” material.

Rusted Chimney Cap near Beach 2Rusted Chimney Cap near BeachRusted Chimney Cap near Beach 1