Chimney Bricks and Crown Repair

Chimney Bricks and Crown Repair, before and after photos.


Rebuild of Chimney and Crown

Chimney was cracking due to moisture penetration of bricks. Got the rebar wet, rusting began and iron when rusts, expands and breaks bricks and concrete.

Removed broken, loose bricks, cut out rusted rebar, and rebuilt the chimney and crown, aka mortar cap.

Rebuild of chimney and crown

Rebuild chimney crown and custom cap

We recently did a rebuild of a chimney crown and installed a custom chimney cap.

See our before and after pictures below.

Chimney crown repair

Rebuilding the Chimney Crown

Rebuilding the chimney crown and fixing exterior cracks in chimneys.  It is important to get minor problems repaired before they become major expensive repairs.

rebuilding the chimney crown

Chimney Crown Repair

Crowns are at the top of  your chimney, and should be on your priority list. The crown is your chimney’s first line of defense against mother nature. A working chimney crown helps keep the elements off your chimney and in return, assists in maintaining the structural integrity of your chimney.

Here is a before and after chimney crown repair we recently did.

Chimney Crown Repair before and after

Chimney with cracked crown and flue

Here is a video chimney inspection we did where we found the chimney with a cracked crown and flue.


Home inspectors do not usually inspect chimneys

Chimney cracked crown on inspectionWould you want to buy a home with a fireplace and then burn down your home the first time you burned a fire because you had never gotten the chimney inspected?

There are approximately 15,000 house fires a year caused by fires that start in the chimney.

Most home buyers do not want to spend to have fireplaces and chimneys inspected, but home inspectors do not usually inspect chimneys.  If there are obvious cracks on the outside or in the fireplace, they will note those, but they will not usually get on the roof and look down the chimney, much less put a video camera down it.  Most good inspectors will suggest you have a chimney professional examine the chimney, especially if the home is older or it is a pre-cast Rampart General fireplace which are known to have structural issues. Read more

Vintage Chimney Crown

These show a before and after chimney crown. This type of chimney was built in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and into the 70’s. It is a typical problem we see on chimneys of this vintage. The repair is fairly inexpensive and comes with a 15 year warranty on material.

Crown in Disrepair Crown Repaired