Chimney Fire in 30 foot Chimney

This particular chimney fire is in a 30′ chimney.  The owner was negligent in keeping his chimney swept.  Chimney sweeping is to remove highly combustible creosote from from flue.  When a considerable buildup occurs AND and is not removed, it is only a matter of time until the buildup in flue ignites.  In this case the entire inside of flue ignited, creating incredible this torch!  Temperatures in flue go from 350-450F normally up to as much as 1750F in an event like this.  That is really a lot of heat!
Luckily, the owner of this property realized he had a chimney fire and took immediate, fast and very correct procedure and was able to extinguish the chimney fire before much damage occurred. Hats off to him!
NOTE: These types of chimneys are tested to be able to withstand this much heat and are designed to be able to handle the heat IF chimney was installed correctly, has been maintained and has no issues where original build has been compromised either thru misuse or decay from elements.
Regular inspections and cleanings are recommended to ensure your chimney meets industry standards.

Is your fireplace safe?

Most people seem to think their fireplaces are safe, even though they have not had them cleaned or inspected for years, or even decades. This may not be the case. Over 15,000 home fires a year in the U.S. are attributed to fireplaces and chimneys.

I did a random survey of properties where we cleaned or inspected the chimney and fireplace during a 5 day period last October.

  • 7 if 23 properties inspected were in good condition and only needed cleaning.
  • 7 of the 23 properties had cracks in the flue that were a fire hazard and which required the chimney to be relined.
  • 9 of the properties had other issues such as cracks between bricks that needed repair, cracks in the chimney crown, missing caps/spark arrestors, or faulty control modules on a gas fireplace.

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Chimney fire burned Rachael Ray’s home

A home belonging to celebrity cook Rachael Ray was reportedly on fire in upstate New York. Images showed the flames shooting through the roof of the home.

Fire crews were battling flames at the home in Lake Luzerne, N.Y., as the Warren County Sheriff’s Office told ABC10 the residence belonged to the television personality.

Two weeks after a devastating fire nearly gutted Rachael Ray’s home, officials finally have released a cause. The Aug. 9 blaze at her manse began inside a fireplace chimney, state officials revealed on Friday.

Rachel Ray Home Chimney Fire

Things you should not burn in a fireplace

These are things you should not burn in your fireplace. Watch this video to see why.