Before and After Leaking Chase Cover

This was a severely rusted and leaking chase cover. Home is near the beach.  Lucky Sully Chimney Sweep replaced it with heavy gauge copper, which won’t rust out.

Before and after leaking chase repair

A chimney chase cover replacement

Before and after pictures of a custom chase cover and shroud that we recently replaced.

custom chase cover

Custom Decorative Shrouds

Add a finished look to your chimney, while protecting it from water damage and animals with custom decorative shrouds. Copper, Stainless & Aluminum Multi Flue Caps & Chase Covers. See our before and after pictures below.

Custom decorative chimney shrouds

Custom Copper Cap

Here is a custom copper chimney cap we recently installed.

Custom Copper Cap

Decorative Shrouds

Here are some pictures of a decorative shroud we recently installed in a home by the beach.

decorative-shroud-work Decorative Shroud on chimney

Copper Chimney Caps 3 Years Later

We installed these beautiful Copper Chimney Caps in a beach city in Southern California. As you can see, after 3 years of patination, they are still weathering amazingly.

Rusted Chimney Caps at Beach

Chimney caps near the beach tend to rust out very fast due to the moist salt air that is prevalent there in the evenings. These types of caps are on most houses built since the early 1980’s..  They are called zero-clearance or factory built chimneys or laughingly called temporary fireplaces, because they tend to rust out after a few years, and are not as durable as masonry chimneys.  The rusting you can see in the pictures poses quite a problem for homeowners.  If and when it ever rains, the holes in the chimney caps caused by rusting will now come down inside the chimney and often will get the walls above and around the fireplace wet.  I get calls, regularly, where people hear water dripping on metal.  That is a sure sign of something wrong.  Notice in the second picture that the neighbor’s chimney cap is severely rusted.  These caps are custom caps and can be manufactured in different materials.  Copper will last the longest and will product that lovely patination.  Also, available are stainless steel and a paint grade “galvanized” material.

Rusted Chimney Cap near Beach 2Rusted Chimney Cap near BeachRusted Chimney Cap near Beach 1

Copper Chimney Caps in Hermosa Beach, Ca

Our Mediterranean-style home has three large chimney caps that were painted the same color as the house.  We replaced them about 10 years ago when they had rusted, but we live very close to the ocean, and they again were badly rusted.  (In fact, one had toppled due to the rust and corrosion.)    We found Lucky Sully on Angie’s list, and had them come out to measure and give us an estimate. Dan recommended we replace the rusted caps with copper caps, which would be more durable in the salt air.  He produced the caps and installed them for us. Read more