Copper Chimney Caps in Hermosa Beach, Ca

Our Mediterranean-style home has three large chimney caps that were painted the same color as the house.  We replaced them about 10 years ago when they had rusted, but we live very close to the ocean, and they again were badly rusted.  (In fact, one had toppled due to the rust and corrosion.)    We found Lucky Sully on Angie’s list, and had them come out to measure and give us an estimate. Dan recommended we replace the rusted caps with copper caps, which would be more durable in the salt air.  He produced the caps and installed them for us.

Everything went very well.  Dan sent his crewman out to measure the three caps, then gave us an estimate for both copper and galvanized steel.  He recommended copper as the most durable for our location, but noted that one does not paint copper.  So we ran the suggestion by our Homeowners Association president, who agreed that the copper would be more durable than painted steel.  Dan had his crewman come out once again before placing the order to make sure he was ordering the right size (“measure twice, order once”).  They came in within a week, and were installed soon after that.  The caps look terrific and will look even better as they oxidize to match our rain gutters.  They are exactly the same size and shape as the others, but look much better.  Dan worked with us to move the project along to restore the appearance of the caps.  He completed the work in a quality and timely fashion, and he maintained the project budget with no cost overruns.  All of the houses in our community have chimney caps similar to ours, and our HOA President stopped by to complement the Lucky Sully installer on the finished work and to ask for contact information.  I suspect we’ll see other houses with similar caps in the future.  We could not ask for better quality or service.  We’re very grateful to both Dan and Angie’s List.