Another Happy Chimney Customer

happycustomerInitially performed an inspection on a fireplace.  Later installed a new chimney cap and new interior kit (artificial logs, new gas line).

My inspection was performed by the owner of the company.  He was right on time and performed a very thorough inspection of the fireplace in my new home.  Since I had just purchased the home, I wanted the fireplace inspected by a certified professional before lighting it for the first time.

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Custom chimney caps in Orange County

This series of pictures shows a series of custom chimney caps we have done for a variety of chimneys in Orange County.

custom-chimney-cap custom-chimney-cap-tustin custom-chimney-cap-riverside custom-chimney-cap-long-beach custom-chimney-cap-install

Stainless steel chimney cap and top damper repair

This is a stainless steel chimney cap and top damper. Top dampers are a way of effectively handling cold air down drafts that occur on masonry chimneys in the winter. the plate fits snugly against the fiberglass gasket.

We also use top dampers to prevent bees from making hives in chimneys, which is a common occurrence.

Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Chimney Cap & Top Damper

Rusted Chimney Cap in Orange County Coast

This chimney cap is rusted at a home along the coast. We replaced the rusted chimney cap.

rusted-chimney-cap Repaired Rusted Chimney Cap

Chimney Top Repair after Earthquake in Fullerton

Broken chimney top in Fullerton that had earthquake damage. We repaired the chimney top.

Broken Chimney Top in Fullerton Repaired Chimney Top in Fullerton

Beautiful Chimney Cap

This is a very beautiful custom chimney cap we built for a house in Long Beach, again out of copper which will patina. We have a very wide variety of ones we can build and install.


Copper Chimney Caps in Hermosa Beach, Ca

Our Mediterranean-style home has three large chimney caps that were painted the same color as the house.  We replaced them about 10 years ago when they had rusted, but we live very close to the ocean, and they again were badly rusted.  (In fact, one had toppled due to the rust and corrosion.)    We found Lucky Sully on Angie’s list, and had them come out to measure and give us an estimate. Dan recommended we replace the rusted caps with copper caps, which would be more durable in the salt air.  He produced the caps and installed them for us. Read more