Things you should not burn in a fireplace

These are things you should not burn in your fireplace. Watch this video to see why.

Dryer Vent Cleaning – A Must!

Here I am a professional in the trade of cleaning dryer vents.  And to my embarrassment, I recently had a situation come up.  My wife complained of smelling smoke when she dried some clothes.  I poopooed her.  First, that is never a good idea.  But here is where my “knowledge” got in the way of actually looking at her complaint.  I “knew” my dryer vent exited my dryer thru a 18″ flex hose and went directly outside thru a 5″ wall, so it could not be a problem.  In my mind, there was no way the vent could be plugged and capable of causing a fire.  When I finally got around to looking at it, I found that the maid had pushed the dryer vent back, too far against the wall, and crimped the flexible vent nearly closed.  This did not allow full exhaust flow, lint built up, and the heat sensor did not shut off the dryer.  Low and behold, the trapped lint actually started to smoulder.  It was quite by luck, that I did not have a full on fire.  The inside of the dryer actually turned black!! Read more

Fireplace in despair that was repaired

Before picture of zero clearance fireplace in disrepair.

Fireplace broken needing repair

After picture of the fireplace repaired with all new panels.

Fireplace repair after

Fire On Ice Installation

That was a recent installation of Fire on ice glass in a fireplace after a remodel done by owner.

lucky sully

Repair of Chimney Top in Orange County

Here is a minor repair to the top of a chimney of a house we did in orange County.

Chimney Top repair

Chimney Top repair before

Chimney Top repair After

Chimney Top repair After