Replacement panels in zero-clearance fireplace

Work we did on an old fireplace where we did replacement panels in zero-clearance fireplace.

Fireplace Repair Replacement Panels Fireplace

Stainless steel chimney cap and top damper repair

This is a stainless steel chimney cap and top damper. Top dampers are a way of effectively handling cold air down drafts that occur on masonry chimneys in the winter. the plate fits snugly against the fiberglass gasket.

We also use top dampers to prevent bees from making hives in chimneys, which is a common occurrence.

Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Chimney Cap & Top Damper

Chimney Repair due to the La Habra earthquake

This chimney repair is a repair we did as a result of the La Habra earthquake.

Chimney Repair Before

Chimney damage before

Chimney repair La Habra

Chimney Repair After

Rusted Chimney Cap in Orange County Coast

This chimney cap is rusted at a home along the coast. We replaced the rusted chimney cap.

rusted-chimney-cap Repaired Rusted Chimney Cap

Chimney Top Repair after Earthquake in Fullerton

Broken chimney top in Fullerton that had earthquake damage. We repaired the chimney top.

Broken Chimney Top in Fullerton Repaired Chimney Top in Fullerton