I use a gas furnace, do I still need to clean my flue?

While most homeowners are aware of the need to clean and inspect their flue if they use a wood burning fireplace or stove, many are not aware of the importance of cleaning and inspecting their flue when gas furnaces and other gas heating appliances are involved.question-mark-358143_640

Although gas is typically a clean burning fuel, gas furnaces produce water vapors that are released in your flue. These vapors also contain chlorides from house-supplied combustion air which when combined form hydrochloric acid. This acid can build up inside your flue causing corrosion and damage, which can be dangerous.

In addition to the possibility of corrosion and other damages that can be caused by the acid-vapors in your flue, there are a variety of other hazards that can occur, some of which can be extremely dangerous if not taken care of. A thorough inspection of your flue can detect:

  • Animals nesting in your flue
  • The build-up of leaves and other debris that could easily cause obstruction
  • Cracks and other damages that can be detrimental to the safe operation of your gas furnace

Blockage caused by nesting and/ or debris can cause extremely serious problems if it is not taken care of. A flue that is unable to properly vent can become filled with dangerous, and even deadly vapors that will eventually leak right back into your home. Therefore, it is essential that you have your flue inspected and properly cleaned at least once a year.