Dirty Chimney Cleaned

Here is a before and after of a very dirty chimney we recently cleaned by chimney sweeping. What a difference!

dirty chimney before and after

Dryer Vent Cleaning Video in Chino Hills, CA

Here is a video of a dryer vent cleaning done in Chino Hills, California.

Dirty Chimney cleaned in Lake Forest

Here is a dirty chimney we cleaned in Lake Forest, Ca. If your chimney looks like this (before pic) give us a call!

dirty chimney before & after pictures

Buying a Home? Three Reasons to Insist on a Fireplace Inspection

When choosing a home to purchase, today’s home buyers have many important decisions to make. When any home being considered has a fireplace, wood stove, or flue, insisting on a thorough inspection of these features is critical, especially when buyers intend to use these features as a supplemental or emergency heat source. If your are considering the purchase of a home with a fireplace, wood stove, or flue, here are three excellent reasons to get them professionally inspected by a certified inspector first.

1. Fire Safety

Because these features deal with heat and open flames, fire safety is the most important reason to insist upon a thorough inspection. Flues for wood stoves and fireplaces often have buildups of a substance called creosote.

Highly flammable, creosote results when there has been an incomplete combustion of the wood used to make a fire, and is a leading cause of chimney and flue fires. This can happen when the firewood has not been correctly seasoned before use, or when the fire has not received the proper amount of oxygen to allow it to burn hot enough to prevent creosote from forming.  Read more

Chimney repair job

We recently did a chimney repair job. Below is the photos of the chimney repair.