Fireplace built in 1933


Old but not abandoned. This fireplace was built in 1933 restored in 76and 2015 after the flood. It was originally attached to a picnic shelter that collapsed during the flood of 2013 — at Lavern M Johnson Park.

Why all pre-cast chimneys should be inspected prior to close of escrow

pre-cast chimney on roof

Here is a quote from a property inspection report done  by a property inspection company last week on a home in Lake Forest:

“Pre-cast concrete chimneys were built in factories and then trucked to a site and erected, as distinct from masonry chimneys that are built on site with individual bricks and mortar.  In this respect, pre-cast chimneys are unique.   However, like all masonry chimneys, they are vulnerable to seismic activity, but unlike masonry chimneys they are also subject to cracks that are induced by the interaction of moisture and a chemical additive that causes the reinforcing steel within the chimney to expand and crack  the chimney walls.  Such cracks can be small, but they are nonetheless subject to stringent repair methods.  However, if any crack penetrates the chimney wall it may be difficult to repair the chimney without costly repairs or replacement or possibly relining the chimney. For this reason, we recommend that all pre-cast chimneys be further inspected/video scanned or certified by a specialist before close of escrow.”

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It pays to inspect your fireplace early

Dirty fireplace before repair

It’s recommended that chimney’s are inspected every year. Almost everyone waits until the fall, so it’s difficult for the chimney sweep to service everyone well.

It really makes a lot more sense to do them at the end of the burning season in the event there are any repairs that need to be made before the unit may be put back into operation.

The last thing you want to hear the week before the big holiday party is that there are repairs needed to your fireplace before you can use it.

Chimney repair job

We recently did a chimney repair job. Below is the photos of the chimney repair.







Broken Chimney Repair

Here is a chimney repair we did where the chimney was broken and falling apart. We repaired it to like new. See before and after photos below.

Broken Chimney before broken chimney base before chimney after repair

Fireplace Brick Repair

Here is a before, mid and after photo of a fireplace that had some cracked bricks that we replaced. Click photo to enlarge

Before and after fireplace repair

Fireplace Repair Before and After

Here is a fireplace we cleaned & repaired and shows the fireplace before the work and after the fireplace repair and cleaning.

Dirty fireplace before repair fireplace repair and cleaning after

Chimney Cap Repair

Here is a Chimney cap we repaired. Below pictures are before & after. This is very common in Souther California. Inspect your chimney top and if you need it repaired or replaced, call us.

chimney cap repair before

Before repair

chimney cap repair after

After repair

Fireplace Doors

Here is a before and after of a fireplace where we added doors for safety.





Chimney Repair

Chimney repair before, during, and after.

chimney-repair-during chimney-repair-before chimney-repair-after