Dryer Vent almost caught fire

This is a photo of a very very dirty dryer vent. It was a rental property and the owner had a reputation of not doing any upkeep on the property. You can see that the lint has charred and very nearly to catch on fire.  That this landlord put the lives of others at risk due to dryer vent fire is appalling. Making money over human loss or life is just wrong.

Pardon my little rant. But this was so close to catching on fire and it could have happened at night and lots of nasty things……

Dirty Dryer Vent


Clean Dryer Vent


Copper Chimney Caps 3 Years Later

We installed these beautiful Copper Chimney Caps in a beach city in Southern California. As you can see, after 3 years of patination, they are still weathering amazingly.

Gas Fireplace Safety

Gas fireplaces have become more and more popular in recent years because they eliminate the maintenance required with wood burning fireplaces.  With the convenience, there is the unfortunate liability that many gas fireplaces have fixed glass panels that can become dangerously hot, even exceeding 1000 degrees.  Even after the gas is turned off, the temperature can be dangerously high for an hour or more.  These temperatures can cause very bad burns especially to young children.

New gas appliances manufactured after  January 2015 are required to come with mesh safety screens.  However there are millions of gas fireplaces which were manufactured prior to 2015 which are not covered by this new law.  It is up to the business or homeowner to install a protective barrier.  Go to fireplacesafetytips.com for what you need or call Lucky Sully Chimney Sweep, your gas fireplace safety experts.