Chimney repair vs rebuild

This is repair we did 4 years ago.

We didn’t rebuild the chimney, but patched it. If you look closely, we colored the patch in bricks to make repair nearly unnoticeable. This is a relatively inexpensive repair, much less than rebuild. With regular maintenance this chimney could last quite a while, but without maintenance, water could continue to get in, moisten the rebar which rusts, expands and breaks bricks and mortar joints.


Beware of Chimney Scams

*Consumer Warning*
We have had a large number of customers tell us about companies advertising very low prices for chimney sweeps who then come out and tell the customer the price is really $500-$700 for a chimney sweep (way beyond the usual range).  Customers who agreed to the bait and switch then had these companies do a bad job and ended up with lots of soot in their homes.  When they wrote bad reviews, they were then threatened by these companies.  On checking with the California Contractors License Bureau, none of these companies have contractor’s licenses, so it is illegal for them to charge more than $500.  The company names are often similar to legitimate companies who do have a contractor’s license.

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Chimney scams

Cracks Inside Chimneys that are Hazardous

This is a video of a home in San Juan Capistrano that is approximately 40 years old.  All 3 chimneys had severe cracks and gaps in the chimney flue.  This is a severe fire hazard if the fireplaces are used to burn wood or gas fires. 

If you are purchasing a home that was built over 20 years ago, don’t take a chance that the chimney will not have gaps. Approximately 40% of the homes that were built in the 1980s and earlier have cracks and gaps within the chimney flues.  Regular home inspectors do not inspect the chimneys with a video camera and as a result most of the cracks are not detected.  Approximately 15,000 homes per year in the U.S. have home fires which start in the fireplace/chimney.

Dirty Chimney Being Cleaned

Every time you use your fireplace, soot (creosote) is created and deposited on the inside of your chimney as the smoke travels up the flue. As that substance cools it solidifies and results in a caked on layer that will build up use after use. Creosote is made up of particles from the wood and is incredibly flammable. After enough creosote builds up, it can ignite and launch a fast-spreading, dangerous chimney fire. We will remote this creosote and leave your chimney and fireplace clean and ready for use. At the same time, we will inspect the fireplace and chimney and make sure there are no additional hazards.

Chimney Fire in 30 foot Chimney

This particular chimney fire is in a 30′ chimney.  The owner was negligent in keeping his chimney swept.  Chimney sweeping is to remove highly combustible creosote from from flue.  When a considerable buildup occurs AND and is not removed, it is only a matter of time until the buildup in flue ignites.  In this case the entire inside of flue ignited, creating incredible this torch!  Temperatures in flue go from 350-450F normally up to as much as 1750F in an event like this.  That is really a lot of heat!
Luckily, the owner of this property realized he had a chimney fire and took immediate, fast and very correct procedure and was able to extinguish the chimney fire before much damage occurred. Hats off to him!
NOTE: These types of chimneys are tested to be able to withstand this much heat and are designed to be able to handle the heat IF chimney was installed correctly, has been maintained and has no issues where original build has been compromised either thru misuse or decay from elements.
Regular inspections and cleanings are recommended to ensure your chimney meets industry standards.