Rebuilding the Chimney Crown

Rebuilding the chimney crown and fixing exterior cracks in chimneys.  It is important to get minor problems repaired before they become major expensive repairs.

rebuilding the chimney crown

Single chimney, Multiple fireplaces

A single chimney can house multiple fireplaces, each having its own separate flue.

single chimney can have multiple fireplaces

Chimney repair preparations

There are many preparations that go into doing chimney repairs. Scaffolding is set up to do repairs and stay off breakable roof tiles. Proper leg levelers are added and 2×4’s removed before doing any work.


Badly cracked up chimney bricks

These cracks are caused by rebar originally installed during construction to give strength to the chimney. Lack of maintenance, waterproofing, allowed moisture to penetrate to rebar and the expansion rusting rebar shatters chimney bricks. Extensive cracking due to lack of maintenance. Because chimney bricks are porous, water can soak through to rebar. Metal as it rusts, expands and blows up bricks. 

cracked chimney bricks

Effects of voids in lintel

2 issues here. In an attempt to remodel a fireplace, the lintel was removed making the fireplace opening taller. This might be aesthetically pleasing, but now the fireplace has been damaged and likely will not draft properly. Nearly impossible to repair.

The black streaking shows evidence of cracks in firebox allowing smoke and hot gasses to potentially get into combustibles.

fireplace lintel