FIRE ON ICE® Glass Crystals

Fire On Ice is specially shaped ice pieces are formulated not to burn. They are beautiful and perfect for a gas fireplace.

Fire on ice glass crystals

Masonry chimney repairs are important

It is important to repair your chimney as soon as cracks appear. Here is a before and after of a masonry chimney repair we did.

Masonry chimney repair

Custom Chimney Chase Cover installed

A chimney chase cover is a chimney topper that is provided for pre-fabricated fireplaces that have wood-framed chimney chases.  Chimney chase covers seal of chase openings, preventing moisture from getting into your chimney and causing thousands of dollars of expensive repairs.  These covers are similar to a lid on a shoe box with a central opening to let smoke and gases escape while sealing the top from moisture getting in.

Here is a recent install we did of a custom chase cover, also known as a custom shroud.

custom chase cover

Chimney Cap Before and After

Chimney caps are an inexpensive way to protect your chimney and fireplace from water, debris and animals.  Installing a chimney cap can save you headaches down the line. 

Here is a before and after of a chimney cap we replaced.

Chimney cap replaced

Gas logs information for home owners

Gas logs can be a good solution for a fireplace, instead of burning wood or pressed logs. Burning gas is cleaner, puts less wear and tear on fireplace and chimney which requires less maintenance. 

Gas Fireplace logs beforeGas logs are typically made from concrete. A few will claim ceramic by putting in a small amount of ceramic into concrete logs. Still they are mostly concrete, but they can “advertise” them as ceramic. True ceramic logs are rare and they weigh very little but are probably much more effective getting heat into your home. 

Most conventional fireplaces are very inefficient, in terms of heating a room”.  All air flow goes up the chimney and only source of heat is “radiant” heat by having something in fireplace get hot and radiate heat out to room. Concrete logs are not very effective in this, and in our opinion true ceramic logs are significantly more efficient. 

gas fireplace logs afterIn purchasing gas logs, getting correct size is important. We have had people get too large a set that won’t fit in firebox or sets too small that look a bit odd. Further, there are different burners and grates especially good to know for larger fireplaces. We are always happy to consult with you and explain options.  

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