1985 Chimney with significant gaps, voids and cracks

We are finding a significant percentage of chimneys from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, including this one from 1985 have cracks and voids in the chimney flue which can cause a house fire. Recently, Rachel Ray’s home burnt down for this reason, even though she was getting her chimneys swept. If you have not had a video inspection of your chimney in the last few years, it might be worth checking on it. Learn more at Chimney Inspections.

Cracked flue which is a fire hazard | Placentia, CA

We have found a lot of homes from 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s have cracked flues which are a fire hazard.

Chimney Sweep Scam Alert

On February 8, 2024 I spoke to a new customer who had a harrowing experience.  She lives in an upscale neighborhood in Southern Orange County.  She saw an ad on her neighborhood social media page that advertised 30% of chimney sweeps and the company name was Lucky Sully Chimney Sweep.  We are the only licensed contractor with that name.

She responded to the ad and when the chimney sweeper arrived, she saw he was driving a Prius.  The price she was quoted was $175 (with the 30% discount), but this man (said his name was Ray) said the price was $300 and wanted cash.  He was unable to provide a business card or any stationery with the business name.  He said he was from AM Janitorial Services but had no business card or license.  He said the Lucky Sully bid the job out to him.  We DO NOT bid out jobs to other companies.

If we feel the job is not something we can do, we may refer homeowners to other legitimate chimney companies, but it is up the the homeowner to contact those companies.  We do not receive commissions from these companies.  We do NOT advertise on neighborhood social media sites although some of our customers have written about us on some of these neighborhood pages.

If you find out about us from an ad on social media, please call our main number 714-342-7415 or email us at luckysullysweep@aol.com if you want to do business with us.

chimney sweep scam alert notice

Bees in Chimney

We get calls frequently for bees in chimney.

All to often home owners have them exterminated, rather than finding a real beekeeper. Once you have bees relocated, we have solutions to help keep bees from returning, specifically, if you have a masonry chimney.

It’s called a top mounted chimney damper. Works great.

bees in chimney

Multi-flue Chimney Caps

In situations where 2 flues occupy one chimney, we like to install multi-flue chimney caps. I think they look tidier that having 2 caps jammed together often at slightly different heights. This one is black galvanized, but we can get them in copper or stainless steel which are recommended for homes within 5 miles of ocean.

Chimney cap that covers 2 chimney flues